One of my biggest fears is complacency. You see, I have this battle that goes on inside my head probably more often than I even realize. It’s probably more accurate to visualize it as the old angel vs devil on the shoulder. One one shoulder, there’s a little angel that smiles sweetly and tells me Read More →

June Side Income - 2015. I made $1955 on the side!

Eat your heart out, bitches! (I say that lovingly!) June f-ing rocked for side income, becoming my best month to date. I’m so excited that I’ve been on a constant upswing over the past several months. I hope that I can continue to grow my side income each month like this! I’ve also been fortunate Read More →

May Side Income - 2015

May was a great month for side hustlin’. As you can see, my May side income pretty much kicked ass. It’s definitely my best month yet for side income, beating out my high in March. If you read my last post, you may have guessed where a large chunk of that came from: the trash. Read More →


So recently, I went dumpster diving. Ok, so maybe not exactly dumpster diving in the literal sense, but it was someone’s trash. There have been a few times in the past that I’ve come across something someone was throwing away and kept it for personal use, like the time someone threw away a TV that Read More →

how much money i made on the side

I can’t believe I’m already writing about the how much side income I made in April. The month just flew by, and it’s almost mid-May as I type this. #wherethehelldoesthetimego? Diversifying Your Income Sometimes I feel like I’m going crazy because I have so many irons in the fire, and while it is important to Read More →

live a rich life

Ask ten strangers on the street what it means to live a rich life, and you’ll probably get ten different answers. Some might say a rich life means having a life of luxury… yachts, fancy cars, diamonds the size of Kim Kardashian’s ass, and trips to Paris on a moment’s notice. Others might say a Read More →

Fort Lauderdale: The good, the bad and the ugly

As I mentioned previously, because of some lucrative freelance opportunities, in addition to my need for warm(er) weather, we left Cocoa Village at the end of February in favor of sunny Fort Lauderdale. Fort Lauderdale is a funny place, and I have a serious love/hate relationship with the city. We’ve come to Fort Lauderdale each winter Read More →

monthly side income summary

I’m writing this side income report from sunny Fort Lauderdale, and couldn’t be happier about that! As I mentioned in my previous blog post, we arrived in Cocoa Village the day before Thanksgiving. We ended up spending Thanksgiving at a beach bar and had fish tacos… because nothing says Happy Thanksgiving like fish tacos and Read More →

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