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Gifts for sailors

Let’s face it – it’s always tough to buy gifts for sailors, because most of us sailors are trying to get rid of stuff, not aquire more of it. So in honor of Cyber Monday, here are 5 ideas to get you started. Each of these will fit in a stocking, so huge bonus for the space-conscious, and the best thing is that nothing is over $30, so this is awesome for the budget-conscious. Without further ado, here’s my list of holiday gifts for sailors.*

Cork Pops Nicholas Portside Flask

Cork Pops Nicholas Portside Flask - gifts for sailorsCan’t imagine sitting through another boring company Christmas party or show of The Nutcracker without wanting to gouge your eyes out? Never fear, this flask is here. When I first saw this, I fell in love. I mean, any sailor can appreciate this – not only does it look nautical, resembling the porthole on a sailboat, but it carries rum (or whatever booze you fancy)! And has a window to let you know when the rum is gone! And did I mention that it carries booze?

The flask is smaller than you might think (it fits in the palm of an adult male hand), but that’s a good thing, because the chances are less likely that you’ll wake up with a hangover. It fits easily in a pocket and would make a great stocking stuffer or a super fun host or hostess gift. As of this writing, just $29 on Amazon.

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Solar Charger Power Bank by Innoo Tech

Cell phone solar charger - iphone power bankHow many times have you been out sailing, and the perfect photo opportunity comes up, but when you pick up your phone to snap a photo, you realize your battery is dead?

Well, with this solar charger power bank, you’ll never again have to miss a photo of dolphins swimming in your bow wake, the perfect sunset, or the mahi you just caught due to a dead iPhone. Your phone will be charged and ready to upload those pics up on Facebook so all your friends will hate envy you.

This one is waterproof, dustproof, and shock resistant, PLUS it can charge 2 devices at once. There’s also a nifty LED light that you can use as a flashlight, or just hang the device in your cockpit for instant mood lighting. Bow chica bow wow. As of this writing, only $25 on Amazon.

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First You Have To Row A Little Boat

First You Have to Row a Little Boat - amazing book, and perfect holiday gift idea for a sailorIf you’ve not read this book, then you owe it to yourself to do so. While you’re at it, you should pick up an extra copy to give away because you won’t want to get rid of yours.

Before you go and think of this as just another “boat book”, let me just say that it’s not. Although if you’ve ever fallen in love with a sailboat or sailing, you will instantly connect with the emotions of the writer.

It’s a reflection on all the ways that learning to sail teaches us about life. It’s a parable. It’s a love story.

I don’t have any smartass comments for this gift idea because I love it so much. As of this writing, you can get the paperback version directly from the author’s Amazon page for just $15.

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SafeWays Waterproof Phone Case

Safeways waterproof phone case - gift ideas for sailorsIf you’re accident prone like me, this may be just the perfect gift for sailors or anyone who spends a lot of time on the water. I’m still missing the camera I lost one year on Old Hickory Lake, and my husband has donated several wallet items to the Chesapeake Bay.

So far, neither of us has dropped a phone in the water, although you’ll want to check with me next week, because now that I’ve said that, I’ve surely jinxed myself.

Bonus is that it’s much cheaper than some of the other waterproof phone cases I’ve seen out there. As of this writing, it’s only $10 on Amazon and gets great reviews.

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Nautical Sailor Bracelets by Maggie & Milly

Maggie and Milly - nautical bracelets - holiday gifts for sailorsWell, you know I can’t make a list of gifts for sailors without tooting my own horn, right?

These unisex bracelets are made with authentic sailboat hardware and materials, from the double-braided mini “rope” to the stainless steel shackle. I whip the ends in contrasting sail thread to give them a truly nautical look.

Sailors and non-sailors all over the world are wearing these and loving them. And for the rest of 2015, I’ve reduced the price, so you can purchase yours at Maggie & Milly for just $18-$20 with FREE SHIPPING within the US (no order minimum), and just $10 for international shipping.

Maggie and Milly - Nautical Bracelets, Sailor Bracelets, Bracelets for Men. Holiday gifts for sailors

Tell Me Your Best Gifts For Sailors Ideas

Have you gotten inspiration from any of these ideas for gifts for sailors? Do you have any other awesome gift ideas for boaters? Share them in the comments below!

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