Welcome and thanks for reading my very first blog post! I’ve been itching to write for quite some time but I’ve had a tough time getting started because of work, boat repairs, lack of creativity, <insert other lame excuse here>. Yes, I can be a complete procrastinator, and I keep telling myself that I’ll stop procrastinating… tomorrow. But here I am, and there you are, and now that we’re in this together, I will try my best to be informative and entertaining and whatever else a blogger should be for their readers.

Oh and going back to the boat repairs comment above… I guess I should mention that I live on a sailboat. In fact, it’s the entire inspiration for this blog. However, I will go ahead and say right now that this is not going to be a sailing blog. Of course my posts will be scattered with info here and there on boats, sailing and travel since this is my life, but there are already a ton of really great sailing blogs out there and I want to do something a little different.

You see, when we (me and my honey) tell people that we live on a boat, we get mixed reactions or questions, such as, “What do you eat?” (answer: food), “Where do you go to the bathroom?” (answer: the head – aka the boat bathroom), and perhaps the most common reaction, “Wow, sailing around on a boat – you must be RICH!” (answer: unintelligible due to my laughing hysterically). We are not rich. Not even close. Did that stop us from taking the leap and going after our dream? Not for a second. It took about a year for our house to sell and once that bad boy was gone, so were we, and we haven’t looked back since.

A little about us – we are young(ish) – meaning we are nowhere near retirement age. In our previous lives, we were your average middle-class couple. We basically lived paycheck to paycheck, but we sometimes allowed ourselves to splurge on nice dinners out, we took simple vacations, we put a little money in savings, but most importantly, we had no real debt except our mortgage. Now, not much has changed except we no longer have a mortgage, which is good because our “paychecks” are not as consistent as they once were, nor are they as large.

We love our boat. We love our life. We’re living our dream in that we’re currently sailing up and down the East Coast and seeing some of the most beautiful places here in the States. However, we do want to sail to faraway lands and of course that costs money, so we are in “Saving to Sail” mode. We’d love to sail around The Bahamas, then down the Caribbean Island chain… then perhaps Colombia or Panama. The possibilities are endless.

Which takes me to the whole point of starting this blog. In my pursuit of happiness, I’ve learned that sometimes all it takes is a little creativity and willingness to work hard and make some sacrifices to make your dreams a reality. You don’t have to wait until you retire and you don’t have to be rich (unless of course, your dream is to own a football team… then you have to be pretty damn rich). I’m no expert by any means, but I firmly believe that if you are on the right path and are doing something that you love and truly feel passionate about, then the Universe will meet you halfway – I mean, you still have to work hard. Nothing comes free. The question is how badly do you want it?

My short term goal is to save an extra $10,000 cash by December 31st, 2013, which means we’ll have to cut back on our current spending, as well as find ways to make money on the side. During this time, I’ll be blogging about it all. This is only the beginning and I don’t want to limit myself with parameters. I want to grow and learn and share things (bad and good, right and wrong) along the way. I hope that my experiences will help inspire you to follow your own dream, or explore the possibilities of what’s out there. Maybe you’ll just learn a nice way to pick up a little extra cash for that pair of shoes you’ve been coveting or that trip to Paris you’ve been dying to take? That works, too! I’m just glad you’re here, so thanks for following along. So tell me – what’s your dream?

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