I Got My Braces Off!

Something to smile about - I finally got my braces off

Image by Sias van Schalkwyk

Not too many people know this, but one of the reasons we’ve remained stateside, and spent so much time in South Florida is because I’ve been wearing Chinese torture devices braces on my teeth.  It’s a funny story because 3 years ago, Chris was helping to deliver a boat from the Bahamas to Norfolk. While he was gone, I went to get a consultation for braces. I had toyed with the idea of getting them for awhile but kept putting it off because I didn’t want the hassle, the expense, and even because I was afraid I would be more self conscious with them. Let’s face it – vanity can be a nasty thing.

Well, the orthodontist said I was a perfect candidate for braces and said, “We can even put them on today if you want!”. So me, being a sucker spontaneous and all , paid a hefty deposit and an hour later had a mouthful of wires and brackets and an oh-shit-what-did-I-just-do look on my face.  Keep in mind that Chris was a hundred miles offshore and had no idea that when he got home, he would not be greeted by his smiling girlfriend, but instead by Brace-Face. When he did see me, he loved them and told me how beautiful I was. Which is why he’s a keeper. However, I was pretty disappointed because I thought having braces would make me look younger and that for sure I would get carded when buying alcohol… no such luck. Dammit.

Fast forward a year and we decided to move onto our boat. Finding another orthodontist, especially one while we were traveling, proved to be difficult, but I did find the amazing Dr. Brilliant in Miami. Isn’t that just an awesome name for someone who works on your smile? Well, as my luck would have it, I ended up having to wear my braces for a lot longer than my original ortho had anticipated. When we went up to the Chesapeake last year, guess who had to fly to Miami for orthodontist appointments? This girl. How’s that for high falutin! Well, the other day, April 1st, I went in for what I thought would be a regular appointment, and to my amazement, she said we were finally done, and took those awful things off right then and there!  I was texting Chris from the chair to tell him the great news and he thought I was playing an April Fools joke on him. I honestly thought I might do cartwheels in their lobby. Anyway, I can now say that the long, torturous and expensive 3 years was worth it. I’m totally stoked with my new smile, not to mention the fact that I’m no longer paying hundreds of dollars a month for these things. It’s definitely not very cost prohibitive to switch orthodontists mid-treatment – overall, I paid well over $6k for these babies. Oh the things we could do on the boat for six grand!

Now that I’ve got an extra $200+ a  month that I’m not spending on my braces, I want to put the money towards something else… maybe set it aside for new rigging? Put it in savings? More wine? Who knows… I’m just glad to have it, but in the end, every penny spent was worth it. And I can eat beef jerky again. Whew. Sometimes it’s the little things you miss the most.

Have you ever had braces? Any other people out there who waited until they were adults to get them? What would you do with an extra couple hundred a month? Would you save it? Invest it? Put it towards a boat project? Leave a comment and let me know!

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