I went from a 9 to 5 in a cubicle to working online from a 35′ sailboat in the Caribbean and beyond. I want to help you do that, too!   

About far from it, in fact. %

Hi, I’m Melody and I’ve been living and traveling on a sailboat since 2012. But unlike most people living this lifestyle… I’m not retired. 

About far from it, in fact. %

Far from it, in fact.

Rewind a bit… to the year 2010. My husband and I were living in a small, modest house in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee, working soul-crushing jobs that left us miserable and desperate for an escape.

My husband dreamed of moving onto a sailboat and sailing away. Me, not so much.

It wasn’t that it didn’t sound amazing… but being the practical one, I had questions.

  • How will we fit my 58 pairs of shoes on a sailboat?
  • What about pirates?
  • What will we do for money?

All valid questions… especially the shoes.

But, we thought, we’re smart. We’re capable. What if we do it… and what if it works?

So we took the leap. We put our house on the market. We downsized everything we owned. We bought a modest 35′ sailboat with all the money we had.

And on May 28, 2012, we untied the dock lines in Panama City, Florida on our new-to-us boat… and we never looked back. 

(Ok, maybe just once… with a tear in my eye as I waved goodbye to my shoes when the woman who bought them on Craigslist drove away.)

What about money?

Chris left his job in the film business and began writing. He’s now a #1 Amazon bestselling author, speaker, and online course creator. (Check out his e-course, Downsizing For a Life Afloat and his books on Amazon.)

I convinced my boss to let me work from the boat, where I developed systems for taking my management-level office job online.

Eventually I left for an amazing “remote” job with New York Times bestselling author Ramit Sethi, where I learned all about blogging, marketing, and running a successful online business.

I also started a few small “side gigs” that became successful, like my e-commerce store Maggie & Milly, freelance writing and editing jobs, and more.

People always asked me, “How are you sailing and traveling full-time without being retired?”

I realized that I was doing what so many people dreamed of doing themselves. So I cut the “job cord” and made this blog my full-time business.

And now, I want to share everything I’ve learned with you, in the hopes that you can untie your dock lines for good and live the life of your dreams.

To your best life,
About far from it, in fact. %




About far from it, in fact. %
About far from it, in fact. %
About far from it, in fact. %
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