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Hire me

I offer various blog-based and writing services that can be performed remotely.

Blog Analysis / Consultation – Does your blog have potential but is lacking in traffic or a certain flair? I can do a “site audit” of your website or blog and give you the next steps on how to improve so you can get more visitors and make more money with your blog.

Blog Migration – Are you currently on Blogger and want to move your blog over to WordPress? Change your blog or business name and want to migrate everything over to your new domain? I’m your girl.

Blog SEO – I can optimize your blog for better search engine visibility to increase your page traffic.

Website / Blog Management – Writing, replying to comments and emails, and more. If you’re going on vacation or just need a break and would like someone to look after or manage your site while you’re gone, I’m your girl!

WordPress setup – If anything technical makes you pull out your hair, I can set up your WordPress site for you.

Writing (including Ghost Writing, Staff Writing) – I can write on a variety of subjects.