I’m very excited about April’s extra income, but before I get into that, let’s just say that the weather here in Florida went from perfectly balmy, breezy 75 degrees to hot as balls overnight. It’s midnight as I type this, and it’s 82 outside, and hotter inside this damn boat. 82 doesn’t sound bad, but this is without the sun, and it’s muggy. I’ve got two fans going and it brings little relief. This is one of those times I feel bad for poking fun at people who turn their a/c down to 60 when it’s only 70 outside. I’d give anything to be on their frigid boats right now.

The Sitcom

Speaking of people on our dock, I must say this is by far the most interesting place we’ve stayed as far as the people are concerned. I mean, it’s a real live sitcom over here. Each of our new friends is as wonderful as they are crazy, and we will definitely miss them when we go.

Take a liberal ex-psychiatrist, a conservative former Navy pilot in his 70’s who is in better shape than most 25 year olds, a hash-brownie cooking gay restaurateur, a chain-smoking acupuncturist, a former Miss Texas, a Don Juan hockey ref, a pot-smoking Brazilian and his gorgeous, impeccably dressed Brazilian girlfriend, and a drug-dealing agoraphobic weird mass murder type, and it’s more entertaining than a Seinfeld episode around here.

So that’s where we’re at. Everyone couldn’t be more different, but we all get along and have a great time hanging out with one another on occasion, except the drug-dealing, agoraphobic mass murderer. He doesn’t hang around and quite frankly, that’s fine with me.  They are truly some of the best people we’ve ever met.

April Showers – Makin’ It Rain!

Ok, so maybe it’s not raining like up in da club, but this was a great month for extra income, and the best thing was I didn’t have to hustle for it. Everyone came to me! First, I was contacted by an artist in Newfoundland who was referred to me by a client who I had done some web design work for about a year ago. The artist hired me to do a complete website redesign. It’s been really fun working on this project. I love art, and it’s wonderful to see the difference between her old site and the new one. I probably could have/should have charged more because the site has grown to be much more extensive than we originally anticipated, but since I consider myself sort of a newbie at web design, it was a win-win for both of us. I get to build my portfolio, she gets a new and improved website.

I also got another smaller web design gig from a client who had thrown me some business back in February which, if you recall, had been my best month to date for side income… until now. (ahem…spoiler alert).  I had a few sales from Maggie and Milly, my online jewelry shop where I sell nautical shackle bracelets, but it was a pretty slow month in that department.

Book sales have remained pretty steady for You Gotta Go To Know, which is great, and we also had a wonderful surprise when we were told that Nashville Arts Magazine was doing a book review/feature piece on us in their April issue!  I’m not sure how long the link will work, but you can check out the story here.

So here are the totals for April. The below is my side income only. It does not count the income I make from my job, nor the book sales or the honey’s freelance income.


Web Design Work: $900
Sales/Commissions: $262
Affiliate Income: $0.99
Adsense: $1.93

TOTAL: $1164.91 – A NEW RECORD! 

Whoa! Don’t be jealous of my Adsense and affiliate income. But talk about a great month overall! Even more exciting is the fact that I was able to sink almost every penny of that into savings. As you can see, this month my affiliate income is suffering, and so far, I’ve never had too much luck with Adsense, but I want to definitely grow that income stream and plan to experiment/document my trials in a future post. In all honesty, I just haven’t taken the time to really learn how to get more out of my Adsense because right now, I’m putting my efforts elsewhere, but we’ll see!

So that’s it, folks. April was pretty awesome for side income and it gives me even bigger goals to hit in May. What are your side income goals? Leave me a comment!

Stay cool, everyone!

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