An adventurous spirit burns in many people, and the dream of traveling full-time while supporting yourself is more realistic than ever. There are record-numbers of digital nomads who are out there working on the road — or the sea! Here are some tips on how to get started as a digital nomad.

Decide Why You’re Going

First, identify your reasons for making such a life-altering decision. Do you think this is a temporary interest, or something you’re really interested in exploring?

If possible, talk to others who have lived the digital nomad lifestyle. Invite them to be honest about both the pros and the cons.

Studies show that working remotely is more common than ever, but you may still face obstacles and naysayers, or you might even have your own doubts. However, you must be committed to the lifestyle to thrive.

And that requires preparation.

Prepare For Your Transition

Before you embark on this bold new chapter of your life, make sure you are really ready by taking these steps:

  • Save three to six months of expenses for an emergency fund.
  • Create electronic accounts for all of your bills and services, especially with the IRS and other government agencies.
  • Purchase a P.O. Box to receive physical mail or have trustworthy relatives or friends collect mail for you.
  • Maintain or establish a physical address for certain legal and financial considerations.

Naturally, you will also need to ensure that your job can be done remotely. When choosing a field of work, the possibilities are as varied as your imagination.

You could be a translator, tutor, web developer, virtual assistant, social media influencer, graphic designer, customer service representative, or musician. Whatever you choose, find a healthy junction between your skill set and passion.

Pick Your Living Quarters

If the thought of working while roaming the blue seas sounds appealing, you’re in luck. Modern technology actually allows boat owners to work virtually anywhere, from any coast. The main concern is simply making sure that you remain in communication with your digital team, as needed.

For starters, thoroughly research how to live on a boat in detail. Then, carefully plan your destination.

Cell phone signals work well off the coast, but diminish at sea; however, you can use a satellite phone, if necessary.

Set Up Your Business

Setting up an LLC helps you manage your business. With an LLC, you can simplify your paperwork and gain a lot of leeway to change your business structure as needed. Any legal action against the business will not affect your personal assets as long as you follow the proper procedure.

Many people prefer to use a formation service to start an LLC, which is much cheaper than hiring a lawyer. The service helps you form the LLC according to your state’s particular requirements. 

If you’re tired of working in a stuffy office building, it’s not too late to make a change! Wouldn’t you rather work on that next project while looking over the railings at the calming waves in the fresh sea air?

The whole world is open to you, so now is the time to take action. Put into practice what we’ve shown here and get started as a digital nomad so you can find freedom and excitement while living aboard!

This post is a guest post written by Lance Cody-Valdez. A few years ago, burned out and miserable from his job in corporate marketing, Lance Cody-Valdez decided it was time to invest in himself. He quit his job the following day and used his meager savings to stay afloat as he built a career as a freelance writer and content marketer. He created to help others use freelancing to escape the 9 to 5 daily grind.

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