It’s that time again, when I whip out my spreadsheet and tally up the totals for my monthly income report! I tell ya, I was never much of a spreadsheet girl before, but several months ago, I created a simple side income statement template that does all the calculations for me, and now I love going in there and adding my side income revenue, because it instantly tells me my total thus far for the month and how much over or under I am compared to the month before.

It’s great because it keeps me motivated. “Oh, I’m only about $50 under last month’s total, and I have a week to go… better hustle and find a way to make at least $50 so I can top  it!”

It makes it like a game of sorts, and it makes it a fun way to break down my income into actionable goals.

My Side Income Statement Template

Here’s what my side income spreadsheet looks like. This is an example from August 2015 (and yes, I totally chose it because it had the highest monthly total!)

All I have to do is plug in the amount I get paid for a particular side income gig or online sale in the appropriate column, and voila! All totals are updated at the bottom of the column, and in the side income total at the bottom.

Side income statement template example - my actual income statement from august 2015
I wait until the end of the month to input affiliate income and Adsense, because I don’t have those totals until the end of the month.

I also have it set so that my salary from my full-time job is shown to me, but not factored into my side income totals. That way I still have a high-level view of my overall monthly income.

Column C is from my online jewelry shop (most of you know it already, but I blurred the name out so it’s not quite so obvious to random people on the internet who stumble upon this image).

November Online Income Report

November’s side income was an improvement from October, which I’m happy about considering I’ve not taken on any new clients or actively seeked out any work. Right now, all of my side income is a result of people coming to me, so it’s nice not to have to spend time hustling to find freelance work or new clients.

That’s a huge perk of having a blog like this. Eventually you develop an audience, and they become your spokespeople, and help spread the word, then people come to you.

90% of my side income is a direct result of this blog. That’s a testament to how important having a blog can be. I’ll be talking more about this in my next post, so stay tuned.

But without further ado, here’s the breakdown of November’s income.

Just like I mention every month, my side income report numbers are an accurate depiction of what I’ve made on the side, bad or good, compared to the previous month. These numbers don’t include my income from my full-time job as a QA Specialist (aka glorified proofreader), or my handsome hubby’s income (from his music, book, and freelance work).

Webmaster/Web Design: $0
Online Sales: $305.35
Affiliate Income: $291.38
Adsense: $13.87
Writing Gigs: $150
Misc: $36.70
TOTAL: $797.30 in extra income (Up $119.41 from previous month)

I’ve also saved a total of $454.61 so far with Digit, the free automated savings app that I am absolutely in LOVE with. You’ve heard me talk about it before on here, and it’s really an awesome way to save money.

It just pulls a couple dollars here, a couple dollars there – amounts so small that they are inconsequential to your banking balance, but  they add up relatively quickly in your Digit account. I highly recommend the service. And it’s free!

You can sign up easily by going to:

December Goals

  • Reveal my new blog/website
  • Launch my first online workshop (I’m excited about this!)
  • Grow my subscriber list for this site and the new one
  • Write at least 3 posts/week (between this site and other site)
  • Eat healthier (we don’t eat poorly, but we do eat out too often)
  • Exercise more

Some of these goals are carried over from last month’s side income post, and I could name a ton more, but the more I name, the more overwhelmed I feel, so I’m sticking to a few hard and fast goals right now, and once I get a few of these checked off, I’ll start incorporating more goals.

Until next time! Can’t wait to see how December’s income report turns out!

Oh, P.S. I want to be nosy… how many of you reading this already have a blog? If you do, post a link in the comments – I wanna go check them out! If you don’t have one, then let me know that in the comments, too!

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