I can’t believe it’s already April! The time is flying faster than ever, and it seems like there’s still so much to do on the boat before we head up to spend the summer on the Chesapeake. I’m sure for those of you that have been in colder climates would say that this winter has totally creeped along, but never fear, Spring is finally here and I hope you’re enjoying the warmer weather that you deserve after such a harsh season.

March was really slow for side income, but I was still crazy busy. I was working non-stop overtime at my day job (I work for a promotional marketing company and am able to work from the boat which is awesome), plus we had two very dear friends fly down to hang out with us for a weekend. We went sailing and just had a wonderful time hanging out. Don’t you love those kind of nights with good friends, where you get drunk on wine and stay up late philosophizing on life and dreams? Those are special nights.

My First Guest Post

March was a busy and exciting month on other fronts, too. I had my first guest post on a blog – which would be exciting in itself, since it means someone liked my writing enough to trust me to write a post for their audience –  but even way cooler was that I was guest posting on one of my very favorite financial blogs, Budgets Are Sexy! J. Money is a guy with a mohawk who writes a fun and light-hearted, informative blog aimed at a younger audience, and he’s been seen in the L.A. Times, Time Magazine, Kiplinger, and more. Even cooler, he’s such a nice guy. My “Dirty Old Man” blog post was the inspiration behind the guest post, in which I talked about being a virtual assistant. It’s chock full of useful info on the pros and cons of doing virtual assistant work as a side hustle. You can check it out here.

March Madness

After such a killer month for side income in February, I was totally stoked for March because the higher number from February’s side income gave me a good goal for March. I gotta admit though, after all that side-hustle work in February, on top of a full-time job that had me working overtime almost every day, I was exhausted. I just didn’t have the fire or energy in me to actively seek side hustle work in March and the numbers definitely show. It’s a little disappointing, but this month, I’m vowing to put in less overtime at my full-time job so I can spend more time doing what I love, and I will continue to set new, higher goals!


Miscellaneous Sales / Commissions: $238.14
Virtual Assistant Work: $0
Affiliate Income: $92.80

TOTAL: $330.94

That totally blows compared to last month, but it is what it is, I suppose. April is already looking to be much better. Ever since my guest-post came out, I’ve been contacted by several people inquiring about me doing all sorts of things, from building a website, to a blog re-design, and even some podcast transcription and writing! In addition, I landed an ongoing side gig as a ghost writer for a company blog.  If anyone wants to hire me for any virtual assistant or writing work, just contact me!

Oh, and some of you may have noticed that I am in the process of updating the design of this blog. It’s a work in progress, but somehow when changing themes, I deleted a plugin which apparently contained my subscriber list? I’m hoping they are saved somewhere and that you’ll still get these posts via email, but just in case, you can always re-subscribe.

Do you have any interesting side income jobs you’ve done? Any topics you’d like to see? Share them in the comments!

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